Ollie Killeen is the 2017 Seniors Captain. Strokestown Golf Club has a strong senior playing community, with high numbers playing in all weather every Tuesday at 1100hrs and throughout the year. Each year a number of away day's are ogranised which are eagerly anticipated and always great fun. Timesheet's are in operation, so please contact Brendan on 087 6446670. 

The Bumlin Folk: A history of the Seniors at Strokestown Golf Club.

Seniors Winter League

Seniors Winter League will be starting Tuesday 3rd November and will run until the end of March 2006

Seniors Over 55 Inter Club Fourball

21/05/2015 Co. Sligo v Strokestown
Strokestown bt Co. Sligo 3&2

Zone semi Final:
Boyle bt Strokestown 3&2

The Bumlin 8 on their first outing
3rd July 2003
Front Row: J. Mulvihill, D. Tighe & B. McGuinness
Back Row: P. Murray, D. Watt, J. Irvine, B. Whitty & E. Boland


2015 Results click here


5th Club Seniors Stableford  
12thClub Seniors Stableford reduced to 11 holes due to rain    
19thClub Seniors Stableford1st C. Dardis 31.7pts
2nd R. Hogan 31.4pts
3rd  J. McDonnellv 29.5pts
Cat 1 M. Hanly 10pts
Cat 2 R. Lally 11pts
26thClub Seniors Stableford  

FEBRUARY 16                                     
2nd Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Tony Carleton          34 pts
2nd    Gerry Houlihan       31.7 pts
3rd    Jackie McDonnell    30.5 pts
Cat 1    Bernie Taylor    13 pts
Cat 2    Rose Lally & Vera Whitty
9th Club Seniors Stableford

16thClub Seniors Stableford


23rdClub Seniors Stableford
1st    C. Dardis         32.7 pts
2nd    P. Day           31.7 pts
3rd    O. Killeen        31  pts


Qualifiers for Seniors Winter League Match Play stage.
Martin McAlister   v    John Irvine
Gerry Houlihan     v    Ray Hogan
Tony Carleton      v    Peter Day
Colm Dardis   v  Jackie McDonnell
Cat 1    Bernie Taylor   11 pts
Cat 2    Rose Lally        12pts

MARCH 16                                 
1st Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Ray Hogan             32.4 pts
2nd   Gerry Houlihan       30.7 pts
3rd   Joe Mulvihill             28 pts
Cat 1    Bernie Taylor    11 pts
Cat 2    Rose Lally         14 pts
8th Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Paddy Murray        31.5 pts
2nd   Joe Mulvihill           30.0 pts
3rd    Seamus Brennan   29 pts
Cat 1    Margaret Cox    15 pts
Cat 2    Rose Lally         10 pts
15thClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Martin McAlister     36.7 pts
2nd   Ray Hoganll           34.5 pts
3rd    Ronan Cullen         33 pts
Cat 1    Eileen Lyons     15 pts
Cat 2    Rose Lally         16 pts
22ndClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Austin Trappe        33.0 pts
2nd   Jackie McDonnell   31.0 pts
3rd    Ollie Killeen           30.0 pts

Twos were recorded by Paddy Murray, Hugh Campbell and Ollie Killeen.

1st    Bernie Taylor         23.0 pts
2nd   Margaret Cox         18.0 pts
3rd    A. O'Donnell          16.0 pts
29thClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Colm Dardis          31.6 pts
2nd   Jim Summers        31.0 pts
3rd    Ronan Cullen         30 pts
Cat 1    Bernie Taylor    17 pts
Cat 2    Rose Lally         16 pts
                                                                First away day of the season to Mount Temple on 12th April.

APRIL 16              
5th Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Ray Hogan        31.4 pts
2nd    Jimmy Kelly      30 pts
3rd    Sean O’Donnell 30 pts

Jackie McDonnell won the final of the Seniors WInter League, beating Martin McAlister in the final.

Cat 1    Eileen Lyons 15 pts
Cat 2    Ursula Burke  9 pts

12thClub Seniors Stableford
Results from Mount Temple our first away day of the new golfing season.
1st     Ollie Killeen      38 pts
2nd    Gerry Houlihan 37 pts
3rd    John Joe Cox    36 pts
Front 9; Paddy Murray    19 pts
Back 9: Peter Lally          19 pts
Nearest the flag first hole:    Paul Taylor
Twos: Joe Fingleton Eight Hole
1st    Bernie Taylor    28 pts
2nd    Rose Lally        21 pts
Back Nine:    Margaret Cox
Front Nine:    Eileen Lyons

Next away day for the Seniors to Slieve Russell Golf Club on Tuesday 3rd May.

Contact Brendan 087 6446670 for time sheet.
19thClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Gerry Houlihan    31.7 pts
2nd    Paddy Murray     31.5pts
3rd    Jackie McDonnell 31 pts Twos: J J Cox, J. McDonnell, G. Houlihan, P. Taylor and N.Holland
Cat 1:    Margaret Cox    15 pts
Cat 2:    Vera Whitty        9 pts

34 played.

26thClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Austin Trappe      39pts
2nd  Ray Hogan          33.1pts
3rd   Jackie McDonnell 32pts
Twos: Paul Taylor and Jim Summers
Cat 1  Maureen Hanly    18pts
Cat 2  Rose Lally             20pts

37 played.

MAY 16
3rd Club Seniors Stableford ath Sliabh Russell
1st    Ollie Killeen            34pts
2nd    Liam Rosemond     31pts
3rd    Paddy Murray         29pts
Next away day is the two day outing to Bundoran and overnight D/B/B in the Great Northern on Wed 22nd and Thurs 23rd June.
1st    Maureen Hanly    25pts
2nd   Claire Beirne        23pts


34 played
10thClub Seniors Stableford
1st Peter Day        33.7 pts
2nd Paddy Murray 30.5 pts
3rd  Ray Hogan      30.1 pts
Twos: Peter Day
31 played.
Cat 1 Maureen Hanly 15pts
Cat 2 Vera Whitty 

17thClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Jim Summers    35.5 pts
2nd   Frank Kearins   34  pts
3rd    Jim Tunney       33 pts
38 played.
Next weeks outing is to Ballinamore Golf Club.

Cat 1    Eileen Lyons 15 pts
Cat 2    Rose Lally     15 pts
                                            Four Twos were recorded
Colum McCrann, Paul Taylor, Charlie Brennan and John Martin who also managed an eagle three on the 9th hole.
24thClub Seniors Stableford
Results from our outing to Ballinamore,
1st    Ray Hogan            37pts
2nd   Ollie Killeen          37pts
3rd    Martin McAlister  34pts
1st 9    Frank Kearins       18pts
2nd 9   Jimmy Kelly           18pts
Aidan Cassidy recorded a Two on hole number two
1st   Eileen Lyons            32pts
2nd  Margaret Cox          27pts
1st 9 Maureen Hanly      10pts
2nd 9 Bernie Taylor         13pts


30 played

31stGort Golf Club Away Day
1st   Austin Trappe   35.1 pts
2nd  Ray Hogan      33.1 pts
3rd   Jim Ganly         31 pts
Cat 1   Margaret Cox  14 pts
Cat 2   Kitty Dowd      16 pts
No Twos;

JUNE 16           
7th Club Seniors Stableford
1st     Peter Day        34.7 pts
2nd    Joe Fingleton     33 pts
3rd    Paddy Murray   32.4 pts
Ronan Cullen recorded the only two
Cat 1    Margaret Cox    14 pts
Cat 2    Kitty Dowd         14 pts

36 played

14thClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Joe Mulvihill        36 pts
2nd    Noel Holland      32 pts
3rd    Colm Dardis        31.4 pts
 Ray Hogan recorded a two 
Cat 1; Maureen Hanly     18 pts
Cat 2; Kitty Dowd            13 pts

37 played

22ndDay 1

Club Seniors in Bundoran

1st    Ollie Killeen    36 pts
2nd    Peter Day       34 pts
3rd    John Irvine      33 pts


1st nine    Ray Hogan  19 pts
2nd nine   Tony Carleton 18 pts

Nearest the Flag, 3rd Hole, John Joe Cox.

1st    Rose Lallly      29 pts
2nd    Margaret Cox 27 pts
1st    Vera Whitty    12 pts
2nd   Bernie Taylor  12 pts


23rdDay 2

Club Seniors in Bundoran

1st    Ray Hogan        35 pts
2nd    Ollie Killeen     34 pts
3rd    Jackie McDonnell 34 pts
1st nine    Sean O’Donnell    20 pts
2nd nine    John Joe Cox        18 pts


Nearest the Flag 3rd Hole, Peter Day.
1st    Bernie Taylor    21 pts
2nd    Margaret Cox   20 pts
1st nine    Ursula Burke
2nd nine   Vera Whitty


35 travelled and no twos were recorded.
28thClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Joe Mulvihill            31pts
2nd    Jackie McDonnell  30pts
3rd    Gerry Houlihan     29.7pts
Coming up: Captains Prize (Mr. Vincent Caulfield) to Seniors Tuesday 28th July.
Cat 1    Maureen Hanly    15pts
Cat 2    Ursula Burke

4th Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Jackie McDonnell  36pts
2nd    Frank Kearins       31pts
3rd    Gerry Houlihan     30.7pts
Twos were recorded by Paddy Murray and Jackie McDonnell
Cat 1;    Clarne Beirne    14pts
Cat 2;    Rose Lally          14pts

41 played.

12thClub Seniors Stableford

1st    Brian McGuinness   31pts

2nd   Jimmy Kelly         31pts

3rd    Paddy Murray    30.5pts


Paddy Murray and Austin Trappe had Twos



Captains Prize (Mr. Vincent Caulfield) to the Seniors Tuesday 26th July.

GUI Handicaps. 18 hole Stableford. Computer in Operation for Ladies and Gents.


Cat 1:    Bernie Taylor    16pts

Cat 2:    Mary Fallon

34 Played

19thClub Seniors Stableford

1st    Pat McGonnell    27pts

2nd    John Martin        27pts

3rd    Jim Summers       27pts


Twos were recorded by: Jackie McDonnell, Jim Summers and John Martin

Next week, Captains Prize (Mr. Vincent Caulfield) to the Seniors.

Tee Times from 09.30 to 11.00 (Brendan has time sheet)


Cat 1    Eileen Lyons    18pts

Cat 2    Kitty Dowd       15pts

25rdCaptains Prize to Seniors  

2nd Open to Seniors
Sponsored by the Percy French Hotel
9th Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Ray Hogan        37Pts
2nd    Jim Summers    31Pts
3rd    Joe Fingleton     31Pts
Twos by:    Ray Hogan / Gerry Houlihan / Joe Fingleton
Cat 1    Eileen Lyons    17Pts
Cat 2    Kitty Dowd        12Pts

30 played.

16thClub Seniors Captain's Prize


1st    Paddy Murray    40 pts
2nd   Gerry Houlihan 34 pts
3rd    Ray Hogan        33 pts


1st Nine Colm Dardis      20 pts
2nd Nine Jackie McDonnell 15 pts
 36 Played
1st   Bernie Taylor    25 pts
2nd  Kitty Dowd         23 pts
3rd   Maureen Hanly  23 pts


1st Nine  Rose Lally           13 pts
2nd Nine Margaret Cox     12 pts

23rd Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Peter  Day        34.7 pts
2nd    Ronan Cullen    34  pts
3rd    Gerry Houlihan  33.7 pts
Two:    Jimmy Kelly
Cat 1:    Bernie Taylor    12 pts
Cat 2:    Vera Whitty       10 pts
Next away day to Roscommon Golf Club on Wednesday 14th September Tee Times 11.00 to 12.30
30thClub Seniors Stableford
1st     Joe Fingleton    32 pts
2nd    Paddy Murray    29.7 ps
3rd     Jim Summers     28pts
Cat 1:    Bernie Taylor    16 pts
Cat 2:    Kitty Dowd        15 pts

SEPTEMBER 16               
6th Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Joe Fingleton         31 pts
2nd   Ronan Cullen         28 pts
3rd    Martin McAlister     27 pts
Cat 1:    Eileen Lyons    11 pts
Cat 2:    Kitty Dowd        8 pts
14th Club Seniors Stableford

Results from away day to Roscommon

1st    Ray Hogan       41 pts
2nd    John Connor    40 pts
3rd    Paul Taylor      38 pts
Tommy Fallon (Roscommon) 28 pts
1st    Bernie Taylor    29 pts
2nd    Eileen Lyons     25 pts
3rd     Rose Lally        22 pts

Nearest the flag 16th hole; Bob Sumner.

35 played.

20thClub Seniors Stableford
1st   Gerry Houlihan    33.7 pts
2nd  Ronan Cullen      30 pts
3rd   Paul Taylor          29.7 pts
Three twos were recorded. Paul Taylor, Tony Carleton and Peter Lally.
Cat 1.  Maureen Hanly    14 pts
Cat 2:  Ann. O’Donnell      7 pts


38 played.
27rdClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Paul Taylor        31.7 pts
2nd    Ronan Cullen    31 pts
3rd    Ray Hogan        30.5 pts
Joe Mulvihill and Bob Sumner had a two.
Cat 1    Eileen Lyons    14 pts
Cat 2    Kitty Dowd       11 pts


38 played

4th Club Seniors Stableford
1st  Tony Patton (Vis)   36pts
2nd Austin Trappe      29.2pts
3rd  Jackie McDonnell 27.1pts
No Two’s    33 played
Cat 1;    Eileen Lyons    16pts
Cat 2;    Kitty Dowd       14pts
11thClub Seniors Stableford
1st  Martin McAllister 28.7 pts
2nd   Joe Fingleton      26 pts
3rd    John Carlos         25 pts
Twos were recorded by Jackie McDonnell and Peter Day
Cat 1 Eileen Lyons     17 pts
Cat 2  Vera Whitty     10 pts

41 played.

18thClub Seniors Stableford
1st   Gerry Houlihan   32.7 pts
2nd  Paddy Murray     30.7 pts
3rd   Ronan Cullen      30 pts
 The following had Twos:
Peter Day, Peter Lally, Paddy Murray and Joe Mulvihill
Cat 1;    Rose Lally        17 pts
Cat 2;    Ann. O’Donnell  9 pts

29 Played.

25thClub Seniors Stableford
1st    Noel Holland         32 pts
2nd    Ronan Cullen        32 pts
3rd    Mick Healy            32 pts
Ronan Cullen had the only Two
Cat 1;     Bernie Taylor    17 pts
Cat 2;     Vera Whitty  

37 Played

1st Club Seniors Stableford
1st    Martin McAlister  32.4 pts
2nd    Michael Healy    30 pts
3rd    Ronan Cullen      29 pts
Jimmy Kelly had a two.
Cat 1:    Rose Lally    16 pts
Cat 2:    Vera Whitty   9 pts

42 played

8th Club Seniors Stableford reduced to 11 holes due to rain    
15th Club Seniors Stableford
1st  Ronan Cullen        34.2 pts
2nd Peter Day             31.5 pts
3rd  Michael Healy      30 pts
34 played
Bernie Taylor        15 pts
Tom Jordan and Bob Sumner had a two.
22th Club Seniors Stableford
1st  Ronan Cullen      33.2 pts
2nd Hugh Campbell   31 pts
3rd  Jackie McDonnell 28.5 pts
27 played
Cat 1     Eileen Lyons    14 pts
Cat 2     Vera Whitty     10 pts

No twos recorded

29thClub Seniors Stableford 1st  Jim Tunney 33 pts               2nd  Martin McAlister 32.1 pts               3rd    Martin Kelly        31 pts   Twos:     Brian O’Rourke & Noel Holland  Eileen Lyons    14 pts

6th Christmas Club Seniors

1st   Martin McAlister 34 pts 2nd   Martin Kelly   33 pts  3rd Gerry Houlihan   31pts                               Twos:  Peter Day x 2 & Martin Kelly

 Bernie Taylor    11 pts
13th Club Seniors Stableford

1st    Ronan Cullen    33 (13)2nd    Martin Kelly     33 (11)3rd    Peter Day          30 (10)Twos:    B.Whitty

      Eileen Lyons    16 pts   

Vera Whitty 9 pts

20th Club Seniors Stableford Play abandoned due to weather  
27th Club Seniors Stableford No golf


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